Spring at last.


Lazy seniors in their last few weeks of school don't make for good frisbee team leaders.
Goodbye, KHS Frisbee Team.
It was fun.

Updates galore. Mainly this and team roster. Check it out.
Ready for some games?

Try to stay in shape this winter, however you want to
It'd be nice to know what everyone is planning to spend time doing in spring i.e. crew, rugby, track, baseball, school play, or whatever, because we're going to have to schedule games and practices around everyone's schedules (mostly. if like 1 or 2 people can't go it won't stop the rest of us)

Look for the forum about this.

haven't updated this in a while
too cold
see you guys in spring
hibernation time

Read This!
practice cancelled for 11/15


Today's game was splendid. It's so cold though. Practices will only get better as we improve. Thank you everyone who came, and to everyone who didn't, just try to come to the next one :).

11/11/07 — Team Roster updated.

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07-08 Year ended

Contact John Prehn on facebook or something if you want me to give someone moderator for this
It was fun
Maybe next year start Spring practices up in March or something so you don't repeat tis year, haha
Good luck next year

ride info for after school practices:

meet at about 3:10 in student parking lot to get a ride from khs => miller if you need one.

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(alternatively, IM me on AIM at "xdeathbysheepx")


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